The Local Influence

I'm Kara, the girl behind the words and images that make up The Local Influence. I previously taught English as a middle school teacher, but my most recent endeavor was owning a women's clothing boutique. Through owning my store, I was able to work one on one with women styling them for photoshoots and special occasions. I fell in love with personalized styling experiences and decided to help my friends through a more easily accessible platform.

Although I closed my storefront, I'm committed to the local name dropping and candid storytelling that made our online store and blog space a success. I believe style and beauty are secondary to the character and struggles that make us who we are, so I'm not here to convince you that clothes or products can change your life. I'll give my recommendations and reviews related to those things, but I'll give you an ugly, honest dose of life pretty often as well.

My influence on others is important to me, and I promise not to take it lightly in this space.